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Integrated high pressurized type solar water heater

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1.Inner tank adopts 1.2~2.0mm SUS3042B stainless steel and automatic wending technology, which decrease the corrosion and against the 0.6Mpa pressure. Outer tank use 0.4mm SUS3042B stainless steel or color steel.

2.Insulation adopts polyurethane which has good insulation efficiency, thickness is 55mm.

3.The tubes and supports are adjustable, power bearing is average and assure the tubes to use long time.

4.Whole vacuum tube adopts super borax and silica glass.

5.Absorb rate≥96%, thermal radiationrate≤4%.

6.Resist25mmhail, using life lasts 15years.

7.It has advantages of no water in tube, no filthy, no broken tube which is anti-freeze, unlimited time of the inputting water and pressure operation.

8.Collector tilt angel: 45°

   Daily efficiency: > 50%

   Heat loss coefficient: 10W/㎡

   Electric booster: 1500W